Reinventing Medical Customer Engagement and Service

It is critical to understand and engage a broad medical customer base when launching medical products, devices, and services that aim to make a difference to physicians, patients and your bottom line.

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Technology has changed how healthcare providers and companies interact and engage with each other. Thanks to digital reality, we now have the ability to co-create and solve problems together - no matter when and where we want.

As the healthcare landscape evolves, companies need to adapt their strategy to take advantage of new opportunities to interact with medical experts and maintain advanced high-quality support for prescribers.

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Connect with Physicians Digitally

Xircles is a digital disease and treatment companion that delivers messaging and automated conversations for medical affairs, MSL, sales, marketing, and customer service - all in one place. Xircles enables the healthcare industry to improve customer service by serving as a channel for information, Q&A, bidirectional interactions, and expert engagement.

Xircles: Digital Ecosystem for Product Lifecycle

Xircles provides seamless, comprehensive, and quick access for prescribers to medical expertise and knowledge about products and therapies. This reduces time and effort for physicians to find relevant information for better treatment decisions quickly.

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Medicinistos communication platform with pioneers in digital health.

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